Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Selfie of the Week Taken 15/03/14

The lovely Helen over at The Good Life Mum has started a new weekly linky called Selfie of the Week!
I love taking pictures of my family, garden and of course food! However I am always behind the camera, so I do like an excuse for a good old selfie.
Thanks to Helen's linky I have the perfect excuse and it is also a good way for you to see me, the person behind the blog, the person behind the camera!
This is my selfie of the week.
This was taken at the weekend while I was sat with a sleepy Isabella.

Now that you have seen my selfie of the week pop over to see Helen and some other lovely bloggers pictures at Selfie of the Week


  1. You are such a beautiful lady, i know you got a chance to put makeup on but you really don't need it although i am well jell of those enormous lashes of yours. Thank you so much for sharing some love and a wonderful picture.

  2. This is a lovely photo of you - as Helen says you do have lovely lashes and really pretty eyes too xx

  3. Always nice to see the person behind the blog as you say, we normally see the kids, food, house and whatever else! lovely selfie :)

  4. You're very pretty ! I'm afraid I never do selfies because I just hate having my photo taken. #blogclub

  5. I am terrible at being in photos so this is certainly not the linky for me!! You look great though.

  6. That's a lovely picture. I'm rubbish at taking selfies - I always get the angle wrong!


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